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Monday, 19 March 2012

dear You ~

If one day I didn’t call you,
It doesn’t mean I am happy without you. It doesn’t mean I am unhappy without you.
It means,
I am learning to not do what I’ve been doing for the past almost two years ~
Whining, telling, sucking and everything in between.

If one day I didn’t find you,
That doesn’t mean I am alright .
It means,
I am opening my eyes, figure out myself to it. 

If one day I didn’t reply any your messages,
That doesn’t mean I am busy, away or similar to it.
It means,
I need my own time to bounce back from six feet underground.

If one day I don’t have the chance to say it out loud,
today I will make it straight away .
Thank you to whoever (you know who you are).
For better, for worst, thick and thin, time and space.
Only God could repay all the kind and support .
and I am sorry, if I hurt any hearts by words and actions,
I am deeply sorry . I wish I could take it all away if I could.

I know, this time I need to get up and walk alone .
I need to.
Again ..
Thank you .

Thank you for being there.

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