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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

dear bibiee

dear you,
if you want to know where ur heart is , look where you mind goes when its wanders~
dear you,
i want you to hold my hand and walk a mile , dont want to miss you even a while . My life its so beautiful coz dear , its you ..my LIFE .
hug me for my worries to die , my tears to dry and my loneliness to fly . it hurts me to know how sometimes i can be a little selfish when it comes to you . I am getting sentimental over you ! for God sake please explain me why all of these .
i miss you every moment of every day , i keep to awake just to listen you , keep me empty just for you to fill , keep me alive to see you .
My mornings miss you , my evening seeks you , where were you , why you weren't there to wipe my tears ?
fear of future is worse than pain of the past , still i bother the least coz you are there .
even seconds are too long to miss you , i want you to hold my hands and walk a mile , dont wanna miss you even for a while .

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